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T:A Preview bei Destructoid

Aktuell bleibt die Schlagzahl an Previews zu Tribes Ascend hoch, dass neueste kommt von  Destructoid. Ich hab euch wieder interessante Stellen rausgesucht:

[…]Every defeated opponent drops credits that you can pick up and spend at the vehicle station. Your options are a fast motorcycle (Gravcycle), an aerial fighter ship (Shrike), or a powerful, slow-moving tank (Beowulf). The final game will also feature a transport vehicle that can carry up to four players. Without it, the heavier classes in the demo seemed a bit useless.[…]

[…]I had fun playing the game, but it remains to be seen whether it will hold up when long-time community players get a hold of the closed beta in September. An open beta will follow later in the fall, with a full release date to be announced.

QuakeCon 2011

Aktuell findet die QuakeCon 2011 statt und so gibt es jede Menge Neuigkeiten Rund um Tribes Ascend. Ich hab einfach mal ein paar interessante Zitate rausgesucht.

[…]In short, this is the Tribes game that we have been waiting 13 years to play.[…]

[…]There are two big changes in this version of Tribes. One of them  is the fact that instead of armor classes, Tribes Ascend will have players pick from pre-generated armor and weapons load-outs.[…]

[…]So how will Hi-Res get money? It will sell some of its pre-created loadouts for players to use while also offering others for free on a rotating basis.[…]

[…]you should try out the rocket launcher. It features lock-on tracking and, after being fired, the rockets can be guided to alternate targets if something else higher priority pops up.[…]

[…]In the build Hi-Rez is taking to QuakeCon 2011 there are nine different classes spread across the three armors. The goal is to have 18 in all.[…] – Tribes Ascend hands-on impressions

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